Bedford Cleaners

Custom Repair & Cleaning in Bedford, NH

Bedford Cleaners provides several services in addition to standard dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Our expert cleaners can dry clean any type of garment, from cotton shirts to a formal dress or suit. We have the cleaning products and processes needed to target tough stains or provide overall cleaning so your garment looks its best. Bedford Cleaners works with any material, including silk, velvet, lace and wool.

Household Items

We also clean household items that are too big to fit in your washing machine. These items include comforters, area rugs, curtains, and more.

Bedford Cleaners
Bedford Cleaners

Shoe Repair

Bedford Cleaners offers shoe repair and can restore your shoes to like-new condition. We can fix or replace soles and inserts, fix the eyes for the shoelaces, and more.


Leather items require a specialized moisturizing and conditioning process to buff out scratches, prevent cracks, and ensure the appearance stays smooth and supple. Our cleaners in Bedford work with leather jackets, vests and pants.


Bedford Cleaners also cleans suede, which requires a different process than most fabrics. We brush out solid dirt, add gentle cleaning solutions to remove grease and set in stains without damaging the fabric. We work with suede vests, boots, shirts, jackets, and more.


Bedford Cleaners also cleans furs, which not every dry cleaner in the area has the equipment to work with properly. We brush out the fur, remove dirt and sweat, condition the fur, and use cleaning methods that prevent mold and mildew.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Protect the memories of your special day by preserving your wedding gown at Bedford Cleaners. We will gently clean dirt, sweat, and any other stains from the dress. We also press, wrap, and box your dress to protect it from moisture for many years to come.

bridal dress

UGG Cleaning

UGGs are stylish and comfortable to wear in the winter months, but salt and mud can quickly stain and stiffen the material. We clean UGGs to remove all those unsightly stains quickly and easily.

Leather & Shoe Repair

Alterations & Tailoring

Our on-site tailor Antonio provides professional alterations and tailoring.